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Karl Fischer Titrator

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Karl Fischer Titrator

The Karl Fischer Titrator (Model: µAquaCal100) is suitably utilized in different industrial manufacturing processing to accurately determine the quantity of water. The titrator is available with 250ml reaction vessel, operational & instruction manual, Teflon tubing for dispensing path, dual platinum electrode, dispensing tube (02 Nos), moisture trap for reaction vessel & 250ml amber reservoir bottle, Teflon paddle Teflon assembly , manufacturer test certificate and warranty card.

Model : µAquaCal100

Supplied with 250ml Reaction Vessel, Dual Platinum Electrode, Teflon Paddle Teflon Assembly , Moisture Trap for Reaction Vessel & 250ml Amber Reservoir Bottle, Dispensing Tube (02 Nos), Teflon Tubing for Dispensing Path, Operational & Instruction Manual, Manufacturer Test Certificate and Warranty Card.

Salient Feature

  • Metallic Epoxy Based Powder Coated Body
  • Parallel & Serial Port for Dot-matrix Printer & PC attachment respectively.
  • Report Formation as per GLP Compliance.
  • 100 analysis data storage with corresponding calibration date with Batch Number,
  • Real Date & Time, Operator Name, Sample Name, searching of data as per Batch No.
  • Built in Magnetic Stirrer with soft touch Key Speed Controller.
  • Automatic end point detection with Audio & Visual Alarm. Auto Neutralization reduces the time between analysis & gives accurate Results.
  • OVER TITER Audio Alarm save KF Reagent
  • Automatic Calculation of Avg. Factor &10 KF Factor can be stored in memory
  • Auto Drain Facility for cleaning reaction vessel. Onsite Dispenser Calibration / Validation Facility.
  • MOC of Dispenser is SS/ABS/TEFLON for Corrosion Protection & Maintenance
  • Free Operation.
  • In-Built Flushing System for cleaning dispensing path.
  • Users adjustable end point sensitivity.
  • Calculation of % RSD
  • Transfer of weight directly from Balance to KF Unit.
  • RS-232 to USB interface with Cable & Driver Software to Transfer Data from Inst. to PC

Technical Specification

Method of Detection Conductometric
Backlit LCD Display 20 x 4 Line Alphanumeric
Range of Moisture Detection less than 10 PPM to 100%
Display of Reading Direct Reading of Moisture in PPM, Percentage(%) & mg/ml of water
Dispenser Motorized Dispensing for low and accurate measurement of reagent.
Electrode Dual Platinum Electrode.
Interface Serial & Parallel Port for PC & Dot-matrix Printer attachment.
Stirring Time 00:00 to 99:00 ( Minutes: Second ) - Users Adjustable
End Point Time 1-99 Seconds , Users Adjustable
End Point Sensitivity of Moisture Detection Users Adjustable
Calibration Reminder Alarm 0-99 hours
Data Storage More than 100 Analysis data with corresponding calibration data.
Input Electrode Connector
Power supply 230 VAC ± 10%, 50 Hz

Analysis Report

Report Date & Time 12-FEB-2010 – 16
Calibration Date & Time 11-FEB-2010 – 23.34
Calibration Method Water by Volume
Average Titer Factor 6.666666
Record Number 00
Analysis Date & Time 12-FEB-2010 – 16.00
Sample Type & Method Liquid by Volume
Volume of Sample (ml.)) 05.000
Density of Sample 0.789
Stirring Time (Min : Sec) 00:00
End Point Time (Seconds) 20
End Point (ml.) 01.21
Moisture % 000.2044
Moisture (PPM) 0002044.0
H2O (mg/ml) 003260.33

Calibration Report

Report Date & Time 18-JAN-2010 – 15:30
Calibration Date & Time 18-JAN-2010 – 14.57
Calibration Method Water by Volume
Stirring Time (Seconds) 00
Sr. No. Volume(microlitre) End Point(ml.) TF Value
01 10 01.83 5.464481
02 10 01.80 5.555556
03 10 01.84 5.434782
04 10 01.83 5.464481
05 10 01.85 5.405405
06 --N/A--
07 --N/A--
08 --N/A--
09 --N/A--
10 --N/A--
Average Titer Factor   5.464941
RSD (%)   1.02

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